My year of less and more: month 2

I’ve now completed my second month with no purchases of clothes, shoes, or accessories. It’s not been difficult. However I have noted the following:

  • It seems odd when I do walk through a shop selling clothes – as if I’d forgotten such things existed.
  • Sales still catch my eye – I had to remind myself that I had no need of more shoes when I spotted a shop with a closing down sale.
  • I’m finding more satisfaction in wearing the stuff I do have.

I’ve been setting myself 3 goals each month using the New Year Revolution planner. My goals for March are:

  • Organise a vegan meet up in Chelmsford – all welcome
  • Create a classics reading list for myself – suggestions welcome
  • Sort out the garden – good weather welcome


I’m rather nervous about the vegan meet up, and know that I need to take action on this sooner rather than later. Hence I’ve made my other goals easy to ensure that I have no excuse for not doing it.

Last month I got organised with forty for 40, and assigned a few tasks for each month. So during March I’ll be looking at:

  • Making crumpets – need to buy cook’s rings
  • Planning a visit to Veganz in Berlin
  • Making a green cape
  • Organising a boudoir photo shoot with Carla and my bass


Wishing you all things green,


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