Menu plan 18 April 2020

I’ve been doing a menu plan using a Trello board for about 6 months now. I like being able to add ingredients and ideas to one list and then pull them to others.

Usually I’d have about 4-5 days of meals planed. The rest of the week would be made up of leftovers, other food items I bought or eating elsewhere.

Now I run out for food once a week. And we eat pretty much everything I make. So I’ve been trying to plan for 7 days.

It goes against the grain. I can’t shake off the possibility of spotting some amazing looking vegetables on a market stall. Or finding some reduced ingredients that inspire a dish. And right now the only place these are going to happen is in day dreams.

So here’s what I’ve got so far


Lunch – sandwiches with Tofurky deli slices, spinach, pickles and vegan mayo. Maybe a spoonful of Branston Pickle?

Dinner – Nachos cooked in the remoska and layered up with tortilla chips, violife vegan cheese, salsa and the left over rice and beans.


Lunch – Last week I massaged kale for the first time and the result was delicious. So once again we’ll enjoy some variation on the BKT Bowl from Salad Samurai.

Dinner – more Salad Samurai inspiration. I’ll give the Smokehouse Chickpeas and greens salad a go (and clear green remaining spinach before it goes slimy).


Lunch – some variation on minestrone soup with the last of the home made pasta

Dinner – baked potatoes, hummus and any stray salad leaves.


Lunch – leek and potato soup and bread

Dinner – Rice, chickpeas and spring greens with a tahini sauce


Lunch – leftover soup and more bread

Dinner – Millet, broccoli and tofu with a peanut sauce.


Lunch – suspect supplies of fresh foods will be low by this point so lentil soup. If bread is low then I might serve it with flatbreads or gram flour pancakes.

Dinner – Peppers stuffed with leftover rice and chickpeas. More tahini sauce!


Lunch – the remains of the lentil soup plus any other random leftovers

Dinner – pasta bake with swede and a creamy sunflower seed sauce

Let’s see how this plan works out. Will I stick to it? Or just eat all the bread in the first 2 days?

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