Massively distracted by Vegfest London

I had every intention of returning from the opening day of Vegfest London 2013 and proceeding to write a comprehensive blog post documenting the wonders that were to see be seen, heard, and eaten. I started off well.
I shared a photographs of a Yasai dog from The Mighty Fork, some vegan ice cream from Razzle Dazzle, and the samples I was tasting following a cookery demonstration.

Then I got lost in the two floors of stalls, talks, and demonstrations. Just as well I’m not a journalist or my copy would have been a bit lacking.

Searching my memory I came up with the following highlights:


  • A cake stall with cream cakes. Yes that’s right a stall with amazing cream cakes on offer from J.P. Turner foods.They tasted wonderful, and were huge. I failed to eat more than half of my cream slice (the other half made an excellent Sunday breakfast).
  • Vegusto is still my favourite vegan cheese.
  • Orzo Coffee made from Barley – a great taste with no caffeine.
  • Mirabilia tea made from olive leaves – tasted like green tea and is apparently amazingly good for you.
I chatted with Thomas from the London vegan and vegetarian societies about setting up a group in Chelmsford (watch this space!).

And finally after watching Fat Gay Vegan pick up his well- deserved award for best blog, I watched a band.
Goldblade were clearly more used to turning up the volume and crowd surfing. Instead they were faced with delivering an acoustic set to an audience who had been gorging on carbs and sugar. With a cardboard box standing in for a massive drum kit we had possibly the world’s first seated mosh pit, although by the end of the set we’d thrown off out stupor for energetic dancing.

All in all a splendid way to spend a Saturday. Roll on next year where I shall endeavour not to get too distracted by delicious things and shoes.

Wishing you all things green, 
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