June photo challenge

Photo from Instagram

At the start of June I took up the photo challenge set by Nina from Purplenina. The challenge was to take a photo every day on a theme. You could choose your own time but Nina was going with ‘green’, and that seemed a natural choice for me.

I have managed to take post a photo to Instagram every day with a green theme. And what have I learnt in the process?

  • I’ve learnt more about composition generally, and more specifically the limitations of the Instagram square.
  • I’ve got a much better idea of effects the different filters in Instagram have, and which ones highlight which colours.
  • Some things just don’t make good photographs.
  • Light is very important when taking photos.
  • I’ve discovered that it doesn’t take very long for something to become a habit. Especially if that thing is quick to do.
  • However it’s better to do the work on your new habit early in the day so you get used to ‘getting it out of the way’.
  • The world is a much more interesting place than you might expect once you start looking for specific things while out and about. Keeping my eyes peeled for green things made me look at my surroundings in a new way.
  • I was enthused at the start of the month. Lost interest for a few days part way through. By the third week it was part of my life.
  • I’d rather like a tattoo of the vegan symbol.
  • The Collage app is lots of fun.

All the photos can be seen on Instagram @midorigreenuk or on my photoblog on midorigreen.co.uk

Wishing you green ink and good food,


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