It’s like being in a sitcom…

Only not quite so funny.

Lockdown in the U.K. reminds me of a period of time at university. It was coming up to my finals. Classes had finished. I’d turned in my dissertation. My whole focus was preparing for final exams. So for a period of weeks I stayed home and studied.

I only left the flat to go to the supermarket and to go to work. And my memories are all of being in the hipster basement flat I shared with my boyfriend.

Just like a sitcom people came to us. Friends dropped by for a cuppa and a chat. Family members phoned to see how were. But just like a sitcom we only saw the inside of the flat, not the outside world.

And now 24 years later I’m getting the same feeling again. Only there’s no final exam deadline . I can’t go and study in the library for a change of scene. Friends don’t drop by. They are also living life on a single set.

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