In the last seven days – mostly food

It's been a bit of a busy week but happily there's been plenty of good food to get me through.

I started the weekend with a walk to make up for all the lunchtime ones that I've missed.


You do find the most curious things while one exploring your neighbourhood.


As well as the most delicious things. Whilst I rummaged in a basket of free fruit the owner appeared and invited me in to pick my own windfalls.

Naturally I spent some time cooking both in the morning before eating this breakfast of pancakes, baked apricots and coconut cream…

And in the evening before a midnight supper of BBQ cauliflower, courgette salad, minty green salad and little fried potatoes.


And this week I got in on Cheesecake Wednesday action at the Den – and it was utterly delicious.

Take care of yourselves,



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