In the last 7 days : camping, vegan drinks and post freezer life

I seem to have done a lot of washing up in the last week or so. After my freezer refused to work for 3 days (but is now operating perfectly!) it all seemed to be about cooking food up, eating rich meals and washing up all the plastic containers in the freezer. Still it's an inconvenience, not a crisis or disaster, and had made me wonder about how I want to approach 'frozen assets' in future and whether I should switch to glass for food storage.


I evaded the need for freezers or fridges by going camping for a few days in the place I used to go as a child.

My sister and I enjoyed reliving childhood memories right down to floral curtains (yes curtains in a tent), tankards and Camper's chocolate (a secret family recipe). Alas the goat is no longer in residence at the local pub.

The beach was nearby and down a lane with lots of foraging opportunities. It was beautiful but the breeze was on the strong side and the mud underfoot in places was a tad squelchy!

After a week of freezer food and camping provisions I was deoubly delighted by green things soup made by Mimi.

And finally the second Colchester vegan drinks meeting was great. Lots of interesting people chatting away. A table sign ensured that people knew where to find us!



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