What’s in my veg bag? The cook once, eat twice week

2 Mar 2017 by Annastasia Ward, No Comments »

At the start of the winter I’m really keen to savour the flavour of each vegetable and tend to cook dishes that reflect this. However as the colder weather drags on and you realise how few fresh vegetables are available over the winter in the uk then the mix up starts. Happily this results in bigger dishes. I love to cook but its great to have a few nights when reheat is an option.

Potato and swede hash with vegan mayo
This was so easy to make. I used a recipe from the Abel and Cole coookbook and I’m now really hoping for more swede. Served with a spoonful of vegan mayo and a Sunday night box set binge.
The working lunch
You can’t see the layers in the photo (but hey the green leaves look so lovely next to the journal) but this has potatoes and mayo, then carrots with lemon olive oil and topped with salad leaves and fried tofu.
Sheepless pie
I ate this over 2 nights. The carrots and beefless chunks were soaked in marmite and then topped with parsnip and potato mash in the Remoska.
Cauliflower and parsnip curry
This masses and I also took dome for my lunch. I had it one night with flat breads and then…
served the leftovers with jacket potatoes, salad leaves and the last of the salad.
Here’s hoping for more swede next week!




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