What’s in my lunch box? Pizza and Badger

5 Aug 2015 by Annastasia Ward, No Comments »

It was Colchester Vegan fair on Saturday. A very good day which allowed for meeting friends, making new ones, plotting to create meet up groups, eating cake and drinking beer.Alas I was too busy enjoying myself to take nay photos except for this one which includes food from V Catering.

Badger was there selling his delicious dairy and egg free products so I couldn’t resist buying some to go in this week’s lunch box. Here’s Badger prosing with his products when they were released last year.

If you are vegan (or vegan curious) and anywhere near Colchester do consider coming along to Colchester Vegan meet up and drinks. I’m also quite keen on starting up Sunday Assembly in Colchester but suspect I need a few more hours in the days to find the time to make that a reality…

Clockwise from top right:

  • Tub containing Badger’s dairy and egg free coleslaw and potato salad
  • ,Roast nectarines with coconut cream (cocomut milk whipped up with a tiny bit of Agave syrup)
  • Home made pizza with home made tomatoe sauce (tomatoes, garlic, onion, tomato puree) roast artichoke, peppers, chillies, Violife cheese

To read:

London Falling by Paul Cornell

I expected this to be somewhat like the Ben Arronovitch Rivers of London series. It has overlaps, certainly geographically. However this is much less cuddly. It’s much more like a crime thriller. While I rather like the idea of hanging out with Peter, Lesley and Nightingale (not sure about Molly) at the Folly I’m definitely less keen on joining Quill, Costain or Sefton for a swift pint although Lisa Ross is a possibility I might consider (but I’m not sure she’d be terribly keen)….






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