What to do with turnip greens

25 May 2017 by Annastasia Ward, No Comments »

So turnip greens appeared in my veg bag this week.

Preparing turnip greens | midorigreen.co.uk

While not common in the UK apparently they are common in the rest of the world. My searches for recipes showed them stir fried, steamed and lightly boiled. Olive oil is a popular pairing and they could substitute for kale, spinach or any green leaf. Yes, even raw although the taste is on the bitter side so maybe massage some of that oil in. You can also cook the cute little turnips at the bottom of the stalk. Indeed according to the internet (obviously the fount of all reliable knowledge) this is popular in Japan with miso.


I decided to steam my turnip greens. Partly because I’ve been neglecting my steamer of late (beyond preparing potatoes for salad). But also because we’ve having a mini heatwave which makes it too hot to put on a frying pan.

Preparing turnip greens | midorigreen.co.uk

I started by chopping off the teeny turnips and picking through the leaves to remove any that looked a bit yellow. Clearly turnips greens are best eaten close to picking, not several days later. Actually this is a great rule for deciding what to eat first from a  veg bag. Consume anything that is individual leaves or where the leaves are less than robust. Spring greens can take  few days in the fridge. Turnip greens not so much.


I then gave the remaining leaves a good rinse under the tap. Quite a few had grit on them that would have made for a less than pleasant eating experience

chopped turnip greens | midorigreen.co.uk

Then I chopped the leaves into 2 inch pieces. I have a vague feeling that you are supposed to discard that stalks but as long as they are not too tough that seems wasteful.

Steaming turnip greens | midorigreen.co.uk

I crammed the chopped leaves into a steamer basket and left them to cook for 10 minutes.


Steamed turnip greens | midorigreen.co.uk

Once cooked further preparation was pretty easy. I spooned some onto a plate with a jacket potato and added chill salt and a splash of olive oil. A pretty easy, not to heavy dinner for a warm summer night.

Cooking turnip greens | midorigreen.co.ukTurnip greens with lemon chilli pepper | midorigreen.co.uk

The remaining turnips greens I wanted to eat cold as they apparently do in Italy. So I popped the cooled turnip greens on a tub and added olive oil, lemon juice and salt. A bot of a shake and it was ready to go in my lunch box. Yes I probably should have cooled the greens immediately after cooking but I think I got away with it this time!

Dressing turnip greens | midorigreen.co.ukCute baby turnips | midorigreen.co.uk

P.s. Aren’t the baby turnips adorable?

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