6 Mar

Something green for Monday – scratched to enhance


Panel of scratched green paint midorigreen.co.uk

Look at the scratches on the paintwork. However  the colour look even more awesome as a result of the damage.

5 Mar

What’s in my veg bag this week? hello spring


Veg bag contents - midorigreen.co.uk
The veg bag this week had leeks and cauliflower as well as the usual suspects. Immediately my brain began buzzing over the contents of my veg bag as I though about what meals I could create…

Chickpea cutlets with chunky coleslaw, poodles and mustard sauce

chickpea cutlets with chunky coleslaw, potatoes and mustard sauce - veg bag meals - midorigreen.co.uk
I love this recipe for chickpea cutlets from Veganomicon. The mustard sauce which I haven’t bothered to make before is awesomely good. Usually I bake them but the oven was a bit full of other things for a pot luck. They are definitely chewier when baked. And I over cooked the the poodles (potato noodles). But my dinner guests seemed quite happy to chow down anyway.

Sausage and mash with mustard sauce

Vegan sausage, mash and kale with mustard sauce - veg bag meals - midorigreen.co.uk
Turns out the mustard sauce also goes great with sausage, mash and kale.

Pancakes filled with leeks in a creamy cheesy sauce

pancakes with leeks in a creamy cashew sauce - veg bag - midorigreen.co.uk
It was Shrove Tuesday. I had leek and some leftover cashew cheese so I combined the 2 and used the result to fill pancakes. I did manage a few sweet pancakes after band practice while we traded riddles.

Creamy cauliflower bake and cripsy coated carrots

creamy cauliflower bake, crispy coated carrots and fishless fingers - veg bag meals - midorigreen.co.uk
This cauliflower recipe is so easy. You mix cauliflower with mayo and then bake. Great for leftovers. The carrots are also a good leftovers dish. Next time I will coat in gram flour but they still came out pretty tasty.

Udon noodles with cauliflower in a satay sauce

Udon noodles with cauliflower in a satay sauce - veg box meals - midorigreen.co.ukl

I took the last of the cauliflower and the end of a jar of peanut butter to create this satay noodle dish. Perfect for a post yoga dinner.

The increase in variety of veg makes me think the spring is one the way. What do you think?

2 Mar

What’s in my veg bag? The cook once, eat twice week

At the start of the winter I’m really keen to savour the flavour of each vegetable and tend to cook dishes that reflect this. However as the colder weather drags on and you realise how few fresh vegetables are available over the winter in the uk then the mix up starts. Happily this results in bigger dishes. I love to cook but its great to have a few nights when reheat is an option.

Potato and swede hash with vegan mayo
This was so easy to make. I used a recipe from the Abel and Cole coookbook and I’m now really hoping for more swede. Served with a spoonful of vegan mayo and a Sunday night box set binge.
The working lunch
You can’t see the layers in the photo (but hey the green leaves look so lovely next to the journal) but this has potatoes and mayo, then carrots with lemon olive oil and topped with salad leaves and fried tofu.
Sheepless pie
I ate this over 2 nights. The carrots and beefless chunks were soaked in marmite and then topped with parsnip and potato mash in the Remoska.
Cauliflower and parsnip curry
This masses and I also took dome for my lunch. I had it one night with flat breads and then…
served the leftovers with jacket potatoes, salad leaves and the last of the salad.
Here’s hoping for more swede next week!




27 Feb

Something green for Monday – hanging out in the Aloe Vera

Star Wars Lego figures hide in an aloe Vera last midorigreen.co.uk

I love making little scenes up with Lego figures and potted plants are such a cool place to do them. It makes me smile every time I look at these little guys hanging out in the Aloe Vera.

20 Feb

Something green for Monday – furry and velvety

Green mosses are taking over a wall

Luscious green mosses are taking over the section of wall.


18 Feb

What’s in my veg bag? The Jerusalem Artichoke week

Experience has led me to be suspicious of Jerusalem Artichokes. A friend gave me a bagful some years ago and I made soup with them. The after effects meant I was cautious in my consumption. Happily I still love cabbage, carrots, beetroot and leek.


The big Sunday night dinner

A Tofurky roast had been defrosted and it was going to be eaten Friday, then Saturday and finally got cooked and served on Sunday night with potato and Jerusalem artichoke mash and carrots. It was worth the wait!

My lovely lunchbox

This was the perfect lunch – filling but not so filling I wanted to doze all afternoon. Homemade marmite oatcakes, homemade chilli hummus and some white cabbage leaves and beetroot slices. A wonderful mix of flavours, colours and textures.

Pancakes for Valentine’s Day

I love pancakes so I filled these with leeks and mushrooms in a creamy cashew sauce to make them even tastier.

Burger with purple coleslaw


I love the lilac colour of this coleslaw made with red cabbage, spring onions and carrots. It tasted great; the perfect mix of creamy and crunchy.

Yet more purple coleslaw…

this time in a sandwich with fried homemade tofu and beetroot slices. This was very messy to eat but so good.

So purple food – yes. Jerusalem Artichokes – not so much. Anyone got a great receipe for the latter?

13 Feb

Something green for Monday – teapots

My green tea pots. A smaller teapot for fast brews and a bigger enamelled tin teapot for brewing big pots of green tea and for travelling.

12 Feb

What’s in my veg box? Carrot hot dogs!

I was pretty excited about this week's vegetables. I love leeks, hadn't done anything with swede for ages and had suddenly decided the time had come to make carrot hot dogs!

Veg box content of cabbage, leeks, swede, potatoes, carrots and salad leaves midorigreen.co.uk

Pasta with cabbage and miso

Pasta with cabbage, miso and cashew cheese
This is was so easy to do and left plenty of time for preparing myself for Monday morning. Just cook pasta, chuck shredded cabbage in for the last few minutes and then stir in miso (and a spoonful of cashew cheese). Add black pepper and serve.
Roast swede and leek risotto
Roast swede and leek risotto with salad leaves midorigreen.co.uk
Roast swede and leek risotto being cooked midorigreen.co.u,
I love risotto and keep hoping I'll have leftovers for lunch but instead the whole lot just gets eaten. Rissotto also allows for reading while allowing the rice and vegetables to cook in stock.
Lunchbox – Potato pizza and carrots
Lunch container with raw carrot and pizza with a potato base

I get a big bag of potatoes delivered every Monday from the (soy) milk man. I've been experimenting with making potato cakes and suddenly had the revelation that I could also use the dough for pizza base. It worked out great and was perfect for my lunch box.


Carrot hot dogs with paprika fries

Carrot hot dogs in rolls with paprika wedges

Who would guess that if you par boil carrots and then marinade in a vinegar, soy sauce and smoke mixture they taste just like hot dogs? Or that they are incredibly filling (it must be the fibre)? Total win and can't wait to try these on a barbecue.

Parsnip Satay noodles

Lunch container of parsnip satay noodles midorigreen.co.uk

I intended to make soup with a bit of spice to cut through the sweetness of roast parsnip. So I chucked the parsnips in a pan with garlic, onion, stock, soy sauce, peanut butter and chilli oil. Blended up it looked lovely. The noodles absorbed excess liquid and left me with noodles coated in this sweet, tangy sauce. It was good hot and cold so a future lunch box option.

6 Feb

Something green for Monday – the Den Destroyer tshirt

Green is the colour of my new tshirt. I dropped by the Den at 23 for lunch on Sunday. Because eating is essential and fun. Also the food is excellent. While I was there I collected my Den Destroyer tshirt  and am proudly displaying my ability to eat!

The awesome green 'I defeated the Den Destroyer Colchester 2016' tshirt midorigreen.co.uk

Just what is the Den Destroyer Challenge?

Back at the start of November I took up a challenge. I attempted to eat the Den Destroyer burger in less than 30 minutes. This massive vegan burger included multiple burgers, hash browns, onion rings, vegan cheeses and deli meats and  gerkins. It also came with a side of fries. This was a massive plateful of food. The mightiness of this delight will never be forgotten now that immortality on a tshirt has been achieved. Did I mention it was delicious?

Knowing my passion for all things green, Jen and Rob at The Den at 23 got me a challenge tshirt in my favourite hue.

5 Feb

What’s in my veg bag? Beetroot, risotto and not enough lentils

Veg bag contents of spinach, carrots, celeriac, potatoes and Brussels sprouts midorigreen.co.uk

This week’s veg included my favourite vegetable Brussels Sprouts, my second favourite vegetable spinach and a selection fair sized carrots (no monster specimen though).

Rather random beetroot and lentil Dahl

Lentil and beetroot Dahl midorigreen.co.uk
This was a fantastic red colour and tasted ok. I made it with beetroot, garlic, ginger, lentils and various spices. It would have been better with more red lentils rather than the handful in the end of a jar that I made do with. Served with flatbreads(rolled thicker than usual for a softer cosy texture).

Potato salad lunch box

I swear that under the thick costing of home made mayonnaise there are a load of beans. They must be camera shy! This was a tasty lunch of boiled potatoes mixed with home made vegan Mayo mixed with a can of well rinsed bean salad, raw spinach, raw carrots and raw beetroot. Then I drizzled the latter with a little chill oil.

Celeriac risotto

Celeriac risotto midorigreen.co.uk
I started to make this following a recipe from a Cole and Abel cookbook. Then having to read the recipe all the way through in advance I got to the bot about adding bacon and some creamy cheesy stuff. So I improvised my way through the rest chucking in spinach and nutritional yeast. This recipe doesn’t really highlight the delicate flavour of celeriac. However it did taste good and has inspired me to make more risotto.

Pasty, mash and Brussels Sprouts

Pasty filled with beefless chunks and carrots in a mustard gravy, celeriac mash and Brussels Sprouts
This was an awesome dinner. I had sesame soy pastry in the freezer so filled it with carrots and beefless chunks and mustard gravy. Then I served with celeriac mash and my favourite veg.

Lazy Saturday dinner

Lazy Saturday dinner of sourdough toast, beetroot and cashew cheese

This was wonderful for a delicious and lazy Saturday night dinner. Sourdough toast served with cashew cheese and raw beetroot.

Beetroot might be edging towards appearing in my favourite vegetable list!

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