Miss Jean Louis – raised by dragons

The lovely lady herself

The lovely lady herself

While some are raised by wolves, Miss Jean Louis was raised by dragons. Yes, she went one better than Daeneyres Stormborn who raised dragons and got herself a dragon upbringing in a picturesque English village.

They initially resided in a thatched cottage but as the family grew moved themselves and their collection of pottery pigs to a town house.

The town house that burnt to the ground

The town house that burnt to the ground

A neighbour recalls that the family were ‘perfectly charming and always ready to help out, particularly with bonfire lighting, complex coding problems or genetic splicing’.

Miss Jean Louis rarely discusses her childhood but a source close to her says it was an idyllic time for her despite her frustration at not being able to breath actual fire and gave her the passion for creating hybrid pets that stays with her today.

Tragically disaster struck in the shape of a barbecue that got out of hand and the town house burned along with the pottery pig collection and the rest of the high street. The family were blamed and driven out of town. It is not known whether Miss Jean Louis is still in contact with her ‘foster’ family.

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