Comforting and creamy – what’s in my veg bag?

26 Mar 2017 by Annastasia Ward, No Comments »

Hello spring greens. Amongst this week’s inspiring selection of veg was kale, chard, salad leaves, parsnips, onions, carrots and swede.

Veg bag contents - kale, salad leaves, chard, parsnips, swede, onions, carrots -


Rice with chickpeas and chard

three bowls of rice with chickpeas, chards and spices - veg bag meals -

What do you cook when you have a friend coming to dinner, a fridge full or vegetables and no idea? You cook something spicy and filling that you can serve in a bowl. Naturally I’d had a look at Veganomicon for inspiration. Then I wondered why I’d never cooked this dish before.

Lentil Dahl

Lentil dahl with flat bread and cup of tea - veg bag meals -

Mmm dahl is such a forgiving dish. I chucked all kinds of odds and ends into this. The remains of a container of tomato puree. Quite a lot of ginger. Various spices. An onion. It still came out warm and comforting.

Potato and swede with spicy mayo

fried potato and swede hash with spicy vegan mayo - veg bag meals -

This has turned into my default dish to make with swede. I just love the way the swede tastes when cooked with potato. Additionally it’s so easy to make.


Creamy carrot and potato soup

bowl of smooth and creamy carrot and potato soup - veg bag meals -

Another super easy dish – soup made with carrots, potatoes and onions. It was good but would have been amazing with some beans added. Next week, maybe?

Jacket potato with kale, tofu and chickpea gravy

Jacket potato with fried tofu, kale and chickpea gravy - veg bag meals -

What a sensible dinner this. Creamy jacket potato with wilted kale and fried tofu. Then smothered in chickpea gravy (which I handily had in the freezer).

Saturday night random bowl

Vegan sausage roll with fried kale, fried potatoes, and pasta salad with parsnip and apples - veg bag meals -

So this was an end of the week bowl with whatever was in the fridge. It includes a vegan sausage roll, fried kale and potatoes. Plus a pasta salad made with wholemeal penne, parsnips, apples, sunflower seeds and chilli mayo.

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