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26 Nov

What’s in my lunch box? Frozen inspiration

Book and lunch box

Once again I am rummaging in the freezer. Mainly for inspiration but also because I need to clear some space for Christmas food. Admittedly a small pot of coconut milk isn’t going to clear that much space, but as that well known supermarket chain puts it – Every little helps.

Clockwise from bottom left

  • Asian marinated tofu – Marinade ‘inspired’ (as they say on film credits) by the recipe in Vwav.
  • Satsumas – I couldn’t resist these – a little piece of Spanish sunshine
  • Brown basmati rice
  • Thai curry – onion, cabbage, spinach, mushroom, and carrots cooked with thai curry paste, coconut milk, and soy sauce. It tastes creamier than it looks.

To readNow you see me by S.J. Bolton

This was packed with false trails, dead ends, and unexpected revelations. I kept thinking that I had ti all worked out and then something would happen that would throw my theory. Everyone was a suspect so the only way to solve the mystery is too keep reading.


26 Nov

Lovely chocolate cake at tea break #vegan

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23 Nov

What’s in my lunch box? Double chestnut


Lunch box and book

Looking at the photo of my lunch I’m impressed with how autumnal it seems. I’m slightly disappointed in myself at including two types of chestnut dish but I’m sure I can live with it.

Clockwise from bottom right:

  • Roast chestnuts – so easy to do. Fun to shell. And surpringly filling.
  • A delicious ripe conference pear
  • Pasties filled with chestnut purée. I made Chestnut soup last week and has some left over so it seemed the idea filling for these cute mini pasties.
  • Roasted garlic Brussel sprouts from VWAV. I still prefer them steamed but as the oven on…also enabled to breathe anti vampire fumes!
  • To read – The first book of Calamity Leek by Paula Lichtarowicz. This reminded me of Room crossed with Lace crossed with The Amtrak Wars. The use of language is inventive and has a quirky charm. I enjoyed the cultural references, and the different ways things could be interpreted depending on context. The reader is torn between which characters to root for – knowing full well that they can’t all get what they want.

Wishing you green ink and good food,



20 Nov

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16 Nov

What’s in my lunch box? Peas and the past

Ever keen to expand my knowledge of pulses, I decided to give marrow fat peas a go. I vaguely recalled reading somewhere that they were grown and produced in the UK (although I haven’t investigated this any further. I’d also read somewhere about the

12 Nov

The sociable vegan

An arm injury (it involved a stool and momentarily forgetting where I was) curtailed my ability to get around at the end of October so I was happy to make up for it this week by attending two vegan events.Vegan Pot Luck is something I’ve planned to att

9 Nov

What’s in my lunch box? 200 years later

So 200 years after it was written I’ve finally gotten around to reading Pride and prejudice. My ignorance of it (beyond the opening line) was a growing embarrassing. I read and loved the graphic novel Pride and Prejudice and zombies, but there was a

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